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In my last post I introduced my favorite way to put a “TODO” in code.  Several commenter’s mentioned checking in unfinished integration tests as kind of a marker to measure the progress of outstanding work.  My team does something like this with our StoryTeller infrastructure.  In StoryTeller, each test has a “lifecycle” attribute of either “Acceptance” or “Regression.”

<?xml version=1.0?>

<Test name=Add an Installable Part to the Case lifecycle=Acceptance>






















In the big regression build, all StoryTeller tests are executed and the results are written off and tabulated for all tests, but only tests marked as “Regression” can cause a true build failure by the command line StoryTellerRunner tool.  This way you can have the acceptance tests specified early or even (in a perfect world) before any development happens for a feature, then change the lifecycle to “Regression” later to turn the test into a mandatory regression test.

It’s working pretty well for us so far.  I got this from a parallel ThoughtWorks team about 5 years ago that was using this technique with Fit tests.

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