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Functional Programming for Everyday .NET Development

I’ve been an object bigot for most of my career.  Nothing saddens me like having a giant pile of stinking procedural goop code dumped on me in a maintenance cycle.  However, since I got exposed to Ruby several years ago … Continue reading 

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How relevant is UML modeling today?

This isn’t flame bait, I sincerely want to know.  UML hit big in the late 90’s about the time that I was first starting to lift my head out of the VBScript/VBA morass and seeing the bigger software world.  I … Continue reading 

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Some quick thoughts about the new Codeplex OSS initiative

You can read more about the new CodePlex OSS initiative from Haack’s blog (not that there’s a lot of detail anyway).  I’ve got just a couple quick thoughts: A little optimism doesn’t hurt here.  Yeah, MS has basically crapped all … Continue reading 

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Graceful Shutdown Braindump

Ok, I’m back onto presentation patterns work this morning and I’m drafting out my chapter on “Graceful Shutdown.”  I don’t have the Fowleresque one line pithy description down yet, but let’s try “gives the user and background services a chance … Continue reading 

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What is your basic navigation structure for WPF/WinForms/Silverlight/Swing/Cocoa applications?

This is pure feedback and unscientific research for me.  From my own experience and the feedback from other people so far we’re seeing a handful of general navigation or structural paradigms.  I’m genuinely interested in hearing what other people are … Continue reading 

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Congratulations to the TeamCity.Codebetter.Com team!

Today more or less marks the one year anniversary of the effort to open up Continuous Integration hosting for .Net OSS projects on the TeamCity.CodeBetter.Com site.  Congratulations and thanks to James, Brendan, Kyle and all the other folks that worked … Continue reading 

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There are Two Types of Developers

When you read this please keep in mind that I’m trying to make an observation more than a judgement – and even though I obviously fall in one camp I have a sneaking suspicion that my approach might not be … Continue reading 

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Sorry, but I just don’t get Oslo

I’m genuinely interested in .Net acquiring something like JetBrains MPS for creating textual DSL’s.  I think Intentional Software’s platform sounds really cool (but it’s taken on a Duke Nukem Forever quality).  However, I don’t get what Microsoft is up to … Continue reading 

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Bad Humor, way off topic, and you know you’re going to read it

For those of you who don’t get the reference (i.e., those of you from a higher social strata), “The Shade Tree Developer” (shade tree mechanic) moniker is an homage to what I like to think of as my “salt of … Continue reading 

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“Screen Activator” Pattern

This is kind of a call for help.  One of the patterns I’m talking about in my book is what I call the “Screen Activator.”  First off, what I’m calling the Screen Activator is a role within an application that … Continue reading 

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