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Dovetail is Hiring

This is a different project than the one we hired for last time.  If you’ve spoken to us before, please consider this position separately.     We’re expanding the development team on our line of existing products. You’ll be working … Continue reading 

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Shrink your Views with FubuMVC Html Conventions

  Yesterday I was able to “push” into Github the work I’ve been doing for convention based Html generation in FubuMVC.  What the hell is “convention based Html generation?” you ask?  It’s simple in concept.  Your team has policies, formal … Continue reading 

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Url Resolution in FubuMVC

Continuing the thread from my earlier update on the “Fubu Reboot.”  In an MVC web application (I think this really could apply to WebForms as well, but not to the same extent) you frequently need to resolve the Url that … Continue reading 

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A Train of Thought: January 2010 Edition

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to resuscitate my blog.  It’s very obvious that the “conversation” has moved onto Twitter in the last couple years and my blogging output among many others has fallen off dramatically.  Instead of pushing … Continue reading 

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If your API is confusing, change it! The MVC team really needs to go back and iterate on their validation design and rethink it — and frankly, they need to have the courage to challenge their approach and maybe even to break backwards compatibility with the … Continue reading 

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How Dovetail is using TopShelf

If you haven’t looked at the TopShelf project from my buddy Dru Sellers for quickly standing up windows services, you might want to.  My coworker Kevin Miller has a couple blog posts up about how he’s using TopShelf: Controlling Application … Continue reading 

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Slide Deck from Advanced Presentation Patterns at CodeMash

Since I had the request for this, the slide deck that I used yesterday at CodeMash in my marathon talk on Advanced Presentation Patterns is here.  There’s more links, but I’d first like to thank everybody who attended yesterday and … Continue reading 

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Patterns in Practice: A Retrospective

For most of the past two years I’ve written the “Patterns in Practice” column in MSDN magazine.  The January issue contained my last article and I thought it’d be good to write a little retrospective on the series.  It’s probably … Continue reading 

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"Hello, World" in FubuMVC

It’s raw and unformed (Fubu, not the blog post), but here’s the first “Hello, World” sample for the Fubu Reboot from Dovetail’s very own Tim Tyrell. One of the things the Fubu team is definitely talking about is some app … Continue reading 

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Call for FubuMVC Contributors

Chad just put up a post on how you can get involved with the FubuMVC project.  We’ve got the website and Wiki going and the mailing list, but we’re not hugely organized yet.  At this point I feel like there’s … Continue reading 

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