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The recording for me on Ignite your Coding is online

As promised / threatened, my appearance on Ignite Your Coding from last week is online as an MP3 download here.  The format is more or less to take questions that come in from the listeners on NetMeeting, and the crazy … Continue reading 

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Your chance to heckle me on Ignite your Coding tomorrow

It’s my turn next to talk and try to field questions on the new Ignite your Coding podcast tomorrow.  It’s a little bit different format where you can join the NetMeeting and jump right into the conversation.  I’m going to … Continue reading 

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How to know if you’re a coding optimist or pessimist

Let’s say you’re a developer — and you probably are if you’re reading this.  How do you know if you have a generally sunny, optimistic set of mind or a gloomy, pessimistic attitude?  It’s very simple.  You know how you … Continue reading 

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Nice introduction to StructureMap

Using StructureMap and the StructureMap AutoMocking library in the context of MS MVC:

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StoryTeller Video from Pablo’s Fiesta

I meant to write a summary of Pablo’s Fiesta, but the will to blog just isn’t there anymore.  Instead, here’s the video from the StoryTeller demo that Weston Binford roped me into.  I’m pushing very hard right now toward the … Continue reading 

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