If you’re still using Xml configuration with StructureMap, I need your help

I’m working up the StructureMap 3.0 release and I really, really want this to be the very last big overhaul of the internals. Right now I’m holding the line to completely avoid making *any* breaking changes to the public API of the Registry DSL or IContainer (other than deleting the methods deprecated in 2.6), but I’d like to consider paring down some of the historical garbage in the Xml configuration.  Even here, I’m not looking to break anything if you’re using *modern* StructureMap usage, but I’d like to get rid of a lot of functionality in the Xml configuration that was frankly, a huge mistake.  If you’re still depending on Xml configuration with StructureMap, could you please read and weigh in on this post in the StructureMap users group? 

StructureMap Xml Configuration on the Google Group





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