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First real StoryTeller docs are up

I had hoped to make the StoryTeller 1.0 release this weekend, but didn’t quite make it.  There’s a couple folks waiting on me and I’m trying hard to get it into your hands this week as promised.  I’m still hopeful … Continue reading 

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Web Application Extensibility with FubuMVC (Part 2)

Last time I talked a bit about how FubuMVC provides a new extensibility mechanism to add more stuff into a FubuMVC application, and why following the Open/Closed Principle of software design for extensibility is valuable.  As promised, I’d like to … Continue reading 

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Web Application Extensibility with FubuMVC (Part 1)

My team is wrapping up a couple deployments to new customers.  Along the way we’ve inevitably had to make quite a few customizations to our application – some that we’ve folded into the application and others that we wanted to … Continue reading 

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A Train of Thought: Innovation and .Net Edition

This post might just be a bunch of navel gazing, so maybe you just want to move on.  Lately I’ve been growing concerned that .Net just isn’t the place for me to be anymore and I’m just talking about that … Continue reading 

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The surprising truth about what motivates us

Christopher Bennage linked to an interesting YouTube video today on Twitter:

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FubuMVC Guides and StructureMap 3.0 Plans

Chad just posted a new guide for getting started with FubuMVC‘s action discovery, route conventions, and view attachment conventions. Since he doesn’t need sleep, Chad also posted a new blog post that describes the design philosophy behind a lot of … Continue reading 

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