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Video of FubuMVC at MvcConf

My talk from MvcConf is up on Viddler at:  I was disappointed with how it turned out, but other people were asking me about when it would be up, so here you go.  At a minimum, it does show … Continue reading 

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FubuMVC for ASP.Net MVC Devs at MVCConf

The mvcConf virtual conference is happening online next week.  If you’re signed up for this cool looking event and you want some variety with the copious amount of MSMVC Koolaid, I will be presenting “FubuMVC for ASP.Net MVC Developers” in … Continue reading 

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StoryTeller One Point Oh!

After four years of off and on work, one complete reboot, and over 18 months of hard usage in anger at Dovetail, I’m finally calling StoryTeller 1.0 today and kicking out an official release on GitHub.  I can’t say that … Continue reading 

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