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Announcing the new ATX Code Lunch

Unfortunately, the original AgileATX has died an untimely death.  Between Dovetail, Headspring, and Drilling Info, we’re attempting to reboot what had been my favorite developer group — but make it a bit more focused without losing the social aspect that … Continue reading 

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If you are using StructureMap with MVC3, please read this:

Ok, a couple people are stumbling into some problems with using StructureMap with ASP.Net MVC3’s new IoC integration. Steve Smith has a blog post here that shows a correctly working version of using StructureMap as MVC3’s IDependencyResolver. The specific problem … Continue reading 

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Yet Another Podcast with Jesse Liberty

While I was at CodeMash I got to record an episode of Yet Another Podcast with Jesse Liberty. We talked about IoC containers, .Net in general, and he got me to talk about ALT.NET as a movement and why we … Continue reading 

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A Train of Thought – Wrapping up CodeMash 2011

I had a great time at CodeMash yet again.  For those of us who look at software development as more of a lifestyle than just a way to meet the mortgage, these kinds of events are like a huge dose … Continue reading 

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My bookkeeping post for 2011

I had a lot of people ask me at CodeMash when I’m doing such and such or how something else was going.  Honestly, I’d like to do less this year but enjoy it more.  Here’s my rundown of stuff for … Continue reading 

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Building a Simple FubuMVC Convention

I will fix the *&^%*ing code formatting later. In my last missive I gave a high level explanation of FubuMVC’s configuration strategy.  Before going deep into the details, let’s look at a simple example that demonstrates both the runtime and … Continue reading 

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FubuMVC’s Configuration Strategy

To continue my blogging blast on FubuMVC, it’s time to talk about how fubu is configured.  For long time FubuMVC followers, there was a flurry of commits just before Christmas this year to support the new packaging model that greatly … Continue reading 

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FubuMVC, Routing, and the Front Controller Pattern

Authors’s note:  I’ll be switching to using GistHub for code samples shortly, but bear with me just for now please. In my last massive post I talked a little bit about how FubuMVC’s behavior model works.  In the interest of … Continue reading 

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FubuMVC’s Internal Runtime, the Russian Doll Model, and how it compares to ASP.Net MVC and OpenRasta

I’m blogging out some preliminary FubuMVC documentation in preparation for a workshop later this week.  As a logical place to start, I’d like to dive into the internals of how FubuMVC handles an Http request.  Along the way I’ll try … Continue reading 

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An Idle Thought about Selecting a Development Platform

I’m working hard all weekend (minus my son’s very late birthday party and the Chiefs playoff game today) getting ready for my FubuMVC workshop at CodeMash.  A pretty important part of that workshop is to start by explaining / justifying … Continue reading 

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