Which .Net Web Framework? Let’s at least ask the question.

I can’t say that I’ve ever spent much time on StackOverflow, but there’s a small discussion going called  OpenRasta vs FubuMVC vs Asp.net MVC just some thoughts that’s obviously interesting to me. 

Forget for a second whatever you think the answer is (and also forget that the question misses a couple other options like NancyFx, Manos, or even using ServiceStack to do a one page app), the most important thing to me is that the question itself should be continued to be asked and debated.  Accepting a monoculture where the officially sanctioned Gu-approved solution is the only game in town is the quickest way to damn the .Net ecosystem to permanent mediocrity. 

Nobody has a monopoly on good ideas and innovation.  Certainly not myself and the other FubuMVC contributors, not Seb, not Ayende, not the post-.Net/”I’m awesome because I’m on the Ruby bandwagon now” guys,  not the ASP.Net MVC feature teams in Redmond, and not even DHH and the Ruby on Rails team.  Let diversity and some good old fashioned competition take us to some better places than we’ve been before.

Even if your employer forces you to only use Microsoft solutions, you can still help move the ball forward overall by contributing to the alternatives – and contribution doesn’t have to mean writing code or docs for an OSS project.  Feedback, criticism, and real discussion helps too.

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Josh Arnold and I talk FubuMVC with the Herding Code gang

The Herding Code guys just posted a new podcast where Josh Arnold and I talk about FubuMVC, why we think it deserves to exist in a world when we already have ASP.Net MVC (and Rails and Django and Lift and…), and how fubu’s unique architecture allows for more advanced diagnostic and modularity scenarios than other tools.

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FubuMVC Beta (0.9) is Released!

There’s a helluva lot more to do to make it to the planned 1.0 release on May 31st, but I’m happy to announce that we’ve released the official FubuMVC Beta (0.9) to Nuget.

To get started with a “Hello, World” style tutorial, we’ve updated the Getting Started guide to reflect the latest Nuget download and API’s.  We’re really like to get any feedback, good or bad, that you might have about this guide or FubuMVC in general.

Unfortunately, we’ve only got the FubuMVC core Nuget up.  I’ll be publishing the FubuMVC.WebForms and FubuMVC.Spark packages in the following days.

Stay tuned, there’s going to be a lot of FubuMVC content and news coming in the next couple weeks…

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Registration is open for Pablo’s Fiesta 2011

Just saw the notice that registration is officially open for Pablo’s Fiesta 2011 in Austin from Sept. 30 to Oct. 2.  If you need to get your open spaces fix with a lot of smart, passionate software developers, then I couldn’t recommend attending Pablo’s enough.

Hope to see some of you there.


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Good introduction to FubuMVC from the Two Ryan’s

Ryan Kelley and Ryan Raur gave a talk to the Oklahoma City Developers Group this week and posted their slide deck online at http://okcfubumvc.heroku.com/#1.  Use the page up/down or arrow keys to advance through the slides.

The slide deck is a nice introduction to what sets FubuMVC apart from ASP.Net MVC (and other .Net solutions) with some code samples.


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