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CodeBetter – in collaboration with JetBrains, IdeaVine, and – is proud to announce the launch of – a continuous integration server farm for open source projects. JetBrains is generously supporting our community efforts by funding the monthly costs … Continue reading 

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Enterprise Library 4.0 DAAB with Unity Screencast

I received a few requests for a screencast to go along with my tutorial: Enterprise Library 4.0 Data Access Application Block ( DAAB ) and Unity IoC Tutorial – DataAccessBlockExtension so I went ahead and cooked one up: Enterprise Library … Continue reading 

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Guidance for developing custom solutions with SharePoint 2007.

First let me start off by allaying all your fears, “No it’s not another factory”.   For a while we’ve been hearing a lot of requests from customers for patterns & practices to deliver guidance on SharePoint. For several weeks now we’ve been … Continue reading 

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WPF, from this to that..Wow!

A few weeks ago, our reference implementation for Prism looked like this. Early on we decided that we needed the RI to have a better look in feel so that it delivered a more real world WPF experience. We hired … Continue reading 

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Prism vs Framework XXX There’s been a bunch of talk on the net comparing Prism to other frameworks that exist. In many cases comparisons are being made based on feature parity and such. I think it’s important to make the distinction of why … Continue reading 

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Clarification: We are not against using Unity, the Prism RI uses Unity, and we’ve been very happy with it’s implementation. We are after all one of Unity’s first internal customers. On the other hand, we want to make it easier for customers to … Continue reading 

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Keyboard Jedi on Vista x64

This morning I was getting ready to record a screencast about ReSharper 4 EAP. To make it easier for people to follow along, I launched Roy Osherove’s excellent utility, Keyboard Jedi. Rather than the expected result, this friendly dialog box … Continue reading 

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DDDD 9 [Producers and Consumers]

Not surprisingly the Producer/Consumer relationship is the single most important concept in messaging. Let’s take a look at those interfaces and how they work. The first we will look at is the interface that an object must meet in order … Continue reading 

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John Lam on IronRuby

Time for another salvo of moving pictures! John catches us up on the IronRuby and shows some under-the-covers architecture of the DLR at the ALT.NET Open Spaces, Seattle event. I didn’t get the whole thing, but there’s some good stuff … Continue reading 

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What do you do if you’re Salieri?

Watching the Polyglot Programming video courtesy of enabler-extraordinaire, Dave Laribee, and it revealed (or rather re-revealed) something about myself that I hope is common enough that I’ll get at least one BOOYAH in the comments. I watched Amadeus when I … Continue reading 

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