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FubuMVC Webinar Next Week

Mike Murray is giving a webinar introduction to FubuMVC next week as part of JP’s Develop with Passion series.  Sign up here.


Josh Arnold and I talk FubuMVC with the Herding Code gang

The Herding Code guys just posted a new podcast where Josh Arnold and I talk about FubuMVC, why we think it deserves to exist in a world when we already have ASP.Net MVC (and Rails and Django and Lift and…), … Continue reading 

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FubuMVC Beta (0.9) is Released!

There’s a helluva lot more to do to make it to the planned 1.0 release on May 31st, but I’m happy to announce that we’ve released the official FubuMVC Beta (0.9) to Nuget. To get started with a “Hello, World” … Continue reading 


Good introduction to FubuMVC from the Two Ryan’s

Ryan Kelley and Ryan Raur gave a talk to the Oklahoma City Developers Group this week and posted their slide deck online at  Use the page up/down or arrow keys to advance through the slides. The slide deck is a … Continue reading 

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Talking about Conventions with the Deep Fried Bytes Crew

The Deep Fried Bytes crew just released a podcast with me rattling on about incorporating “convention over configuration” techniques.  We talked about how conventions can be beneficial by cutting down the chances of making mistakes, your ability to iterate features, … Continue reading 

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FubuMVC’s Authorization Use Cases

In preparation for an official FubuMVC release I’m making an earnest effort to get some adequate documentation together.  To get the ball rolling, I’m going to publish the drafts on my blog starting with a series of posts on integrating … Continue reading 


My FubuMVC, StructureMap, and StoryTeller Plans

I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about my plans for the various OSS projects on my plate.  I can’t say that the answers are going to be what you want to hear, but I’ll at least get my … Continue reading 

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Leveraging Business Primitives in FubuMvc

If you like to use Business Primitives then you should really enjoy this feature in FubuMvc Now you can use the HexColor type on your view model and this code will automatically do the conversion for you. Here is how … Continue reading 

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Building a Simple FubuMVC Convention

I will fix the *&^%*ing code formatting later. In my last missive I gave a high level explanation of FubuMVC’s configuration strategy.  Before going deep into the details, let’s look at a simple example that demonstrates both the runtime and … Continue reading 


FubuMVC, Routing, and the Front Controller Pattern

Authors’s note:  I’ll be switching to using GistHub for code samples shortly, but bear with me just for now please. In my last massive post I talked a little bit about how FubuMVC’s behavior model works.  In the interest of … Continue reading 

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