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Which .Net Web Framework? Let’s at least ask the question.

I can’t say that I’ve ever spent much time on StackOverflow, but there’s a small discussion going called  OpenRasta vs FubuMVC vs MVC just some thoughts that’s obviously interesting to me.  Forget for a second whatever you think the … Continue reading 


A Train of Thought – Wrapping up CodeMash 2011

I had a great time at CodeMash yet again.  For those of us who look at software development as more of a lifestyle than just a way to meet the mortgage, these kinds of events are like a huge dose … Continue reading 


A Train of Thought: January 2010 Edition

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to resuscitate my blog.  It’s very obvious that the “conversation” has moved onto Twitter in the last couple years and my blogging output among many others has fallen off dramatically.  Instead of pushing … Continue reading 


If your API is confusing, change it! The MVC team really needs to go back and iterate on their validation design and rethink it — and frankly, they need to have the courage to challenge their approach and maybe even to break backwards compatibility with the … Continue reading 


Sorry, but I just don’t get Oslo

I’m genuinely interested in .Net acquiring something like JetBrains MPS for creating textual DSL’s.  I think Intentional Software’s platform sounds really cool (but it’s taken on a Duke Nukem Forever quality).  However, I don’t get what Microsoft is up to … Continue reading 


A Challenge to the VB.Net Community at Large on OSS

I had a 3-4 way Twitter conversation with Roy Osherove today that left me hot under the collar even several hours later.  The conversation basically played out like this: Roy:  Boo hoo, new .Net OSS projects are using advanced features … Continue reading 


Separate Assemblies != Loose Coupling

Sorry guys, but it’s time to rant.  I see so many people needlessly complicating their architecture and deployment by insisting on using separate assemblies for every layer of the app or even doing the trick where interfaces are in one … Continue reading 


Will we ever learn?

I met a friend yesterday for lunch that works for one of my former employers.  I left this place five years ago because my division of IT had devolved into complete madness.  I’ve written about the organization several times, most … Continue reading 


Superman without the yellow sun

This is just a post to gripe and commiserate with each other.   Everybody knows that Superman is nearly crippled by the presence of Kryptonite.  What we might forget is that Superman’s powers are derived from exposure to the yellow … Continue reading 


Just because it’s in a patterns book…

I’m picking on a commenter here a little bit, and he probably didn’t mean it this way, but it provided the impetus. Don’t ever assume a solution is correct for your problem just because it’s a pattern in a book … Continue reading 

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