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My FubuMVC, StructureMap, and StoryTeller Plans

I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about my plans for the various OSS projects on my plate.  I can’t say that the answers are going to be what you want to hear, but I’ll at least get my … Continue reading 

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I’m Taking a Break — StoryTeller and StructureMap users please read

All, I’ve come to realize this week that I’m in need of an extended mental holiday from the absurd level of side project work that I’ve been doing for the past several years.  I have some work on FubuMVC coming … Continue reading 

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Exploring FubuCore: Convert a string value to any type of .Net class with the ObjectConverter

Several months ago the Dovetail team realized that our various OSS projects and our main codebase were starting to show a lot of duplication of utilities and extension methods. At one time ReSharper could find 6 different versions of a … Continue reading 

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StoryTeller One Point Oh!

After four years of off and on work, one complete reboot, and over 18 months of hard usage in anger at Dovetail, I’m finally calling StoryTeller 1.0 today and kicking out an official release on GitHub.  I can’t say that … Continue reading 


First real StoryTeller docs are up

I had hoped to make the StoryTeller 1.0 release this weekend, but didn’t quite make it.  There’s a couple folks waiting on me and I’m trying hard to get it into your hands this week as promised.  I’m still hopeful … Continue reading 


FubuMVC Guides and StructureMap 3.0 Plans

Chad just posted a new guide for getting started with FubuMVC‘s action discovery, route conventions, and view attachment conventions. Since he doesn’t need sleep, Chad also posted a new blog post that describes the design philosophy behind a lot of … Continue reading 

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StoryTeller Video from Pablo’s Fiesta

I meant to write a summary of Pablo’s Fiesta, but the will to blog just isn’t there anymore.  Instead, here’s the video from the StoryTeller demo that Weston Binford roped me into.  I’m pushing very hard right now toward the … Continue reading 

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Preview of the new StoryTeller Test Editor — Looking for Feedback

EDIT:  9:40 AM CST — fixed the download.  Missed one absolute path hiding at the bottom of the page.  Sorry about that.   In November I made a post about rewriting the StoryTeller test editor (because the current one is … Continue reading 

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Design Conundrum for StoryTeller — Opinions Wanted

I made the preview release of StoryTeller a couple months ago as soon as I got some sort of “intelligent editor” functionality going in the WPF client so you very rarely ever had to expose your tender eyes to the … Continue reading 


Want a guided tour through the presentation patterns in StoryTeller?

I’m jammed up with an awful case of writer’s block, but Björn Rochel has written a series of blog posts on elements of the StoryTeller code base related to the screen activation lifecycle and presentation patterns: Diving into the StoryTeller … Continue reading 

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