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My FubuMVC, StructureMap, and StoryTeller Plans

I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about my plans for the various OSS projects on my plate.  I can’t say that the answers are going to be what you want to hear, but I’ll at least get my … Continue reading 

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If you are using StructureMap with MVC3, please read this:

Ok, a couple people are stumbling into some problems with using StructureMap with ASP.Net MVC3’s new IoC integration. Steve Smith has a blog post here that shows a correctly working version of using StructureMap as MVC3’s IDependencyResolver. The specific problem … Continue reading 

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FubuMVC’s Internal Runtime, the Russian Doll Model, and how it compares to ASP.Net MVC and OpenRasta

I’m blogging out some preliminary FubuMVC documentation in preparation for a workshop later this week.  As a logical place to start, I’d like to dive into the internals of how FubuMVC handles an Http request.  Along the way I’ll try … Continue reading 

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I’m Taking a Break — StoryTeller and StructureMap users please read

All, I’ve come to realize this week that I’m in need of an extended mental holiday from the absurd level of side project work that I’ve been doing for the past several years.  I have some work on FubuMVC coming … Continue reading 

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Web Application Extensibility with FubuMVC (Part 1)

My team is wrapping up a couple deployments to new customers.  Along the way we’ve inevitably had to make quite a few customizations to our application – some that we’ve folded into the application and others that we wanted to … Continue reading 

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FubuMVC Guides and StructureMap 3.0 Plans

Chad just posted a new guide for getting started with FubuMVC‘s action discovery, route conventions, and view attachment conventions. Since he doesn’t need sleep, Chad also posted a new blog post that describes the design philosophy behind a lot of … Continue reading 

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If you’re still using Xml configuration with StructureMap, I need your help

I’m working up the StructureMap 3.0 release and I really, really want this to be the very last big overhaul of the internals. Right now I’m holding the line to completely avoid making *any* breaking changes to the public API … Continue reading 

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Nice introduction to StructureMap

Using StructureMap and the StructureMap AutoMocking library in the context of MS MVC:

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Our “Extension Properties” Story

Late last year I made myself a promise that I would resuscitate my blog instead of just tweeting drivel.  I don’t particularly feel up (or self important enough) to the old 10 page missives of yore, so I’m just going … Continue reading 

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“Nested Containers” in StructureMap 2.6.1

This is the first of a promised series of blog posts to explain and demonstrate the new features of the StructureMap 2.6 release.  First, in order to use this feature, you absolutely must be on StructureMap 2.6.1 (or 2.5.4).  Your … Continue reading