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Slide Decks and Code Samples from Pittsburgh Code Camp 2010.1

Attached are my code samples from Pittsburgh CodeCamp 2010.1 held this past Saturday (4/17/2010). A fabulous event with great people and great facilities. It was my first trip to Pittsburgh. Looking forward to going back. One quick note – you … Continue reading 

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Philly CodeCamp 2010.1 Slide Deck and Code Samples

Another successful Philly Code Camp is behind us. My talk focused on how to extend your MVC applications with JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax and jSON. Although I used ASP MVC 2 as the basis for the demos, the concepts are equally … Continue reading 

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Adding Google Charts to your ASP MVC Applications

Have you ever had the need to add charting capabilities to your applications? Perhaps you want to add a dashboard capabilities to your applications but are unsure how to add the charting features that are prevalent in dashboards. The good … Continue reading 

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