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Back from Codestock 2010 – it was all about community

Wow….what a great time! This was my first Codestock and already, I am looking forward to Codestock 2011. If I had to sum up Codestock in one word – it would be “Community”. Not since the old FoxPro days have … Continue reading 

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What are your 10 essentials? Here are mine…

I have been mulling over a list of my top 10 essentials. Some things may seem odd to be on a list like this. But hey…it’s my list!! I would love to know what’s on your top 10 list. In … Continue reading 

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Heading to Codestock this week – 25th/26th Knoxville, TN

Really looking forward to going to my first Codestock. And best of all, I’ll be driving down with my pal Miguel Castro in his sweet Mustang GT! Think a gender-bended Thelma and Louise! We are looking to roll in around … Continue reading 

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Perhaps the best jQuery overview out there – compliments of Marc Grabanski

If you don’t follow Marc Grabanski, you should – especially if you are interested in learning the ins and outs of jQuery. Marc just posted a new jQuery Essentials slide deck. Carve some time out and run through the deck. … Continue reading 

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Checking out the 960 Grid System

While at RailsConf last week, as part of the conference materials, there was a write-up on the 960 grid system. I had heard of it before but had not checked it out. All I can say is WOW! There have … Continue reading 

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MongoDB – Initial Thoughts

  As a somebody who has spent the better part of a 20 year software development career immersed in data, in an RDBMS in particular, I have been watching and listening to the SQL vs. NoSQL debate with interest, and … Continue reading 

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