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Powerpoint and Code Demos from my MVCConf Presentation

Yesterday, I was fortunate to present at the first MVCConf. My topic was on how to extend your ASP MVC Applications with jQuery, Ajax and jSON. The attached zip contains my PowerPoint slide deck and example code. I hope MVCConf … Continue reading 

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I’m very excited to be speaking at IndieConf 2010

You can find the registration link here. You may be asking, what is IndieConf? It’s a conference for independent web professionals. If you are an independent or thinking of going independent, you should definitely check the conference out. Michael Kimsal … Continue reading 

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Trademarks and URLs

  The following is presented for information purposes only. It is not offered as legal advice. In any particular case, you should seek the advice of an attorney in your particular jurisdiction. It seems recently, I have been getting asked … Continue reading 

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A practical illustration of why the new C# 4.0 dynamic and optional parameter features are valuable

This post is an outgrowth of my previous Ruby post. Ruby as we all know, is a dynamic language – like Python, JavaScript and one of my former languages Visual FoxPro. Dynamic languages are a two edged sword. On one … Continue reading 

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I probably should have titled the last post – Why I love programming and interacting with the community!

Great comments to my last post. Again, I want to stress that the purpose of the post was not about putting one language over another. In fact, the last version that uses C# 4.0 is pretty concise. The dynamic keyword … Continue reading 

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Why I love Ruby

  If you have not done so, you should check out the following sessions from the Norwegian Developers Conference (NDC): Scott Bellware: Ruby for .NET developers Rob Conery: The Next Big Thing Or Cool-Kid Koolaid? Slicing Through The Rhetoric of … Continue reading 

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