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Converting to System.Net.Http

The source code for the HttpClass can be found at this gist: here. The revised source code from the earlier posts has been updated and you can find the revised bits here. This code contains everything outlined in this post. … Continue reading 

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Bringing oData to your WebAPI – just use IQueryable

In In the previous post, I discussed how to implement an ASP.NET Web API service with ASP.NET MVC. The cool thing about the Web API is the stuff we get for free. One of the nice things we get for … Continue reading 

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The best remedy for the MPAA and RIAA: Private Contract

Recently, I sat with Richard Campbell and Carl Franklin on DotNetRocks to discuss the issues with SOPA, PIPA, ACTA, etc.. You can find the DNR recordings here – show 736 and 740. In those shows, Richard, Carl and I agreed … Continue reading 

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Accessing a ASP.NET Rest Service from ASP.NET MVC

Note: All of the code for this example can be downloaded here. One of the most exciting features in ASP.NET is the new Web API. To get started, here is the Web API service: As you can see, the API … Continue reading 

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2/29/****: The case of the missing data point and the curious thing a Leap Year is

Recently, Microsoft Azure suffered a service outage that was related to the problem with date calculations when a leap year is involved. As developers, I’m sure many in our ranks have wondered how such an issue could have occurred. Instead … Continue reading 

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I’ll be speaking at Philly Dot Net User Group on 3/21

I’ll be speaking at the Philly Dot Net User Group on 3/21 @ The Microsoft Office in Malvern, PA Great Valley Corporate Center 45 Liberty Boulevard, Suite 210. Meetings typically start at 5:30 and run to 8:30. I’ll be speaking … Continue reading 

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ASP.NET MVC 4 Beta – Bundling and Minification Dymystified

One of the handy new features in ASP.NET MVC 4 is the ability to easily bundle and minify your JavaScript and CSS. Bundling: The process of combining all of your disparate js and css files into one file (one for … Continue reading 

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First look at the ASP.NET Web API

All of the code for this post can be downloaded here. Sorry for the bad link. You can find the code here. If you have not heard already, ASP.NET MVC 4 has reached the beta stage. You can download the … Continue reading 

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