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ASP.Net Web API Example Video Now Available

You can find the video here. The associated code can be found here. In this video, I take you through some basics on REST and how it applies to the ASP.Net Web API and how the Web API  can be … Continue reading 

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ASP Web API examples – now updated with Release Candidate bits

You can find the bits here. If you haven’t downloaded the ASP.Net MVC 4 Release Candidate bits, you can find them here. I greatly simplified this version. I removed the XML support in favor of exclusive JSON support. In addition, … Continue reading 

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Scott Hanselman’s 5/31/2012 visit to Philly.Net – the Video

We at Philly.Net were fortunate to host Scott Hanselman on 5/31 at Montgomery County Community College.  Scott’s topic was the Future of ASP.Net. Click here to view the video. Special thanks to Apprenda for making possible the Montgomery County Community College … Continue reading 

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