JustCode – Makes syncing your settings across machines a breeze!

As many of you know, I’m affiliated with Telerik as one of their insiders. Telerik is also a friend of CodeBetter. I’ve used the JustCode for several years now. I want to make you aware of a really cool and useful new feature in JustCode – the ability to sync settings across multiple machines. The feature is called JustCode Cloud and it’s a breeze to setup.

The following image illustrates the new JustCode Options Dialog:

In order to make this all work, you need to establish a Telerik Account and agree to terms of service. After that, when you change your settings, assuming you have an active internet connection, your settings will be synced to the cloud. you can also sync on demand when you need to pull your settings from the cloud.

If you are looking for a Visual Studio productivity tool that has a light footprint with simple to use features, check out JustCode.

Thinking you have a ton of new keyboard shortcuts to learn? Well…JustCode thought of that. In an instant, you can easily display the keyboard mappings:

Code templates and customizations are extremely easy. If you are looking for a new Visual Studio productivity tool, check out Telerik’s JustCode!!

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