Changing roles and focus – but not good bye

I’ve been presented with a great opportunity to work on the NeuronESB Team ( I’ve always wanted to work on a product team – which is a big change from my work over the past 23+ years where my focus was on custom application development and related consulting. I’ve been on the Neuron team now since 1/5 and it has been a great experience.

So…what does this mean as far as my community activities? Candidly, I’ll be cutting that back quite a bit. I will try to get to 1 or 2 shows this year. If you follow me on Twitter, you began to see my travel schedule pick up. We’re not through February yet and I’ve already racked up 26K miles already. Given that trend, it doesn’t leave time for conferences – which is difficult because it means I won’t get to see good friends throughout the year. This is also a good thing as I’ve been speaking at shows, non-stop – for 6 years. Even without this job change, I was likely to cut back on the shows. It’s time for others to step up and share their knowledge with the community.

I’ll still continue to write for CODE Magazine and I will still continue to produce videos for WintellectNOW. I’ll do my best to support the Code Camps near me (Philly, NYC, Central Penn). With all of this travel, I may be in town for a user group and If possible and if you would like to have me, I’d love to speak at your group. I’ll post on Twitter my travel plans as they become known. Most of my contributions are going to be in the legal arena – specifically on open source and intellectual property as they relate to technologists, contracts, etc.

About johnvpetersen

I've been developing software for 20 years, starting with dBase, Clipper and FoxBase + thereafter, migrating to FoxPro and Visual FoxPro and Visual Basic. Other areas of concentration include Oracle and SQL Server - versions 6-2008. From 1995 to 2001, I was a Microsoft Visual FoxPro MVP. Today, my emphasis is on ASP MVC .NET applications. I am a current Microsoft ASP .NET MVP. Publishing In 1999, I wrote the definitive whitepaper on ADO for VFP Developers. In 2002, I wrote the Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Databases for Que Publishing. I was a co-author of Visual FoxPro Enterprise Development from Prima Publishing with Rod Paddock, Ron Talmadge and Eric Ranft. I was also a co-author of Visual Basic Web Development from Prima Publishing with Rod Paddock and Richard Campbell. Education - B.S Business Administration – Mansfield University - M.B.A. – Information Systems – Saint Joseph’s University - J.D. – Rutgers University School of Law (Camden) In 2004, I graduated from the Rutgers University School of Law with a Juris Doctor Degree. I passed the Pennsylvania and New Jersey Bar exams and was in private practice for several years – concentrating transactional and general business law (contracts, copyrights, trademarks, independent contractor agreements, NDA’s, intellectual property and mergers and acquisitions.).
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