Trekking across the USA

Next Monday I start another iteration of the Nothin But .Net coding bootcamp. It looks like it will be a blast, but just as exciting is the trip to the course!! This past Wednesday the family and I headed out in the trusty family van, an embarked on a long drive to Richmond, VA!!!!

We have been blessed with amazing travelers, and there is quite a sense of accomplishment when you cross another state line!! It is hard to describe the awesomeness of traveling cross country with your family in tow. God is good.

The nice thing about doing a 40+ hour drive, is that you set the bar extremely high for future trips. Which means that most any other drive we make after this will be trivial in comparison.

It is definitely not something you can do all the time, but I think that everyone should take the opportunity to try it at least once. You may surprise yourself.

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  1. rlewallen says:

    I’ve made the 1650 mile trip between Oklahoma and Sacramento, California 14 times, and loved it every time. Its a great feeling driving across the country like that, especially the southwest USA.

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