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Read any good books lately?

Having seen what Justice is upto, I thought I would take the time to answer a question that I get asked all the time “What’s books do you recommend I should read”? While the scope of the books I could … Continue reading 

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Help Improve ReSharper

David Stennett over at JetBrains is soliciting existing users of ReSharper to pipe up and tell them about things they could do to improve the killer product we all know and love (all of us who use it that is!!). … Continue reading 

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Multithreading Question – One Solution

This morning had a good question asked: Q: Basically we’re writing the billing processing part of our businessapplication.  On the 1st and 15th of the month, we bill all ourpolicy holders and it’s usually 10,000 or so transactions that need … Continue reading 

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Learning Some New Stuff – Adapting And Filtering

Just started a new contract and got thrown into a world that I have relatively “no” experience in. The world of data warehouses, cubes, analysis services, SSIS. Anyway, not having a good handle on some of this stuff I needed … Continue reading 

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The Open Closed Principle. – How Far Do You Take It

A couple of good comments came up in the last post about the use of utility classes in the realm of SRP. I made the statement that I personally don’t mind using utility classes sparingly, as long as the class … Continue reading 

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WPF – A New Set Of Shiny Tools (and the fastest way to get upto speed on it!!)

For those of you who have not started looking into WPF, time to start!! Even if you don’t care about the flash and jazz of the UI bits, there are pieces in there that you might want to think about … Continue reading 

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One Class To Rule Them All

One of the things that has really been hitting me in the face lately is the importance of adhering as closely as possible to the Single Responsibility Principle. SRP simply states that:  “A class should have only one reason to … Continue reading 

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TDD Anti-Patterns

This was published a while ago, but it is an awesome read. Made me laugh, and I just read it for the first time last week!! Gives people some good things to watch out for when they are getting into/heavily … Continue reading 

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From CodeGen To TDD

One of my readers asked me a question that I thought I would share the answer to publicly. I have omitted his name to maintain his privacy: Question: I have been reading your blog for quite sometime now and had … Continue reading 

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Best Of Compendium!!

Since I have just been added to the CodeBetter team, I am sure that there will be lots of people reading who are not familiar with my existing blog. I am going to be continuing to cross post, but I … Continue reading 

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