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ReSharper 3.0 Beta – Get it while its hot

I’ve been using ReSharper 3.0 EAP for quite some time now, and I’m loving it. The beta just released (yesterday I think), so what are you waiting for: Solution Wide Error Analysis C# Code Analysis Unit Test Explorer XAML Support … Continue reading 

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One Step Closer To Mouseless Computing

Being that I have been experiencing a bit of discomfort when I type as of late. I thought I would take drastic measures to prevent RSI from becoming an issue. After reading Carl’s post about the DataHand I decided to spend some … Continue reading 

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Amendment to DNRTV Episode Part 3

After I finished up recording part 3. I realized that I was not showing off as many ReSharper shortcuts as I could have. That will definitely change over the course of the next set of episodes. For the remainder of … Continue reading 

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Becoming Extreme – From the inside out

This is a hot topic for me right now, as I talk with lots of people who are working through trying to make their teams more “Agile”. That word is a little overloaded and overused lately, so I am going … Continue reading 

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TDD is like paying using cash!!

I just had an awesome comment made on my unit testing post by Tom Opgenorth. It was so good that I though it deserves a post in its own right!! Here it is: In trying to explain the “why” of … Continue reading 

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And here’s a number you can take to the bank!!

In reference to the article on unit testing, here is an interesting excerpt from the following article written by one of my former colleagues Paul Julius: “ The reason I was there was simple. Earlier that year, those same IT … Continue reading 

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How can I convince my management/other developers of the value of unit testing?

The amount of times I am asked this question is fairly astounding. It seems that lots of people are struggling with getting their management (at this level I will talk about the Project Management level) to believe in the value … Continue reading 

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DNRTv Series – Demystifying Design Patterns (Source code and information)

I have just concluded part 3 of a dnrTV series trying to demonstrate the usage of common design patterns in the context of building a simple employee contact book application. So far I have been able to cover the following design … Continue reading 

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DevTeach, what a fantastic event!!

I’ve been to a lot of conferences. Last week I got the opportunity to both speak and attend DevTeach 2007, in Montreal. I spoke on both refactoring and applying patterns of enterprise application architecture. Along with presenting, I got to … Continue reading 

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ThoughtWorks Studios Is Busy!!

Looks like TW Studios just released a new offering to the general consumer public. CruiseContol Enterprise is an interesting offering from TW that looks to add interesting support and consulting features as well as some interesting additions to the actual tool … Continue reading 

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