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Calgary Open Source Group is founded

Just got an email from Manoj Khanna informing me that he just completed the creation of the Calgary Open Source Group. The goal for this group (as stated on the site) is simple: “Calgary Open Source Group (COSG) is a … Continue reading 

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Nothin But * Courses Coming Your Way

This year has been an awesome year for allowing me to venture into the training arena. Although I am not a full time trainer (nor do I ever intend to be), I have greatly enjoyed taking a week out of … Continue reading 

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Simple Patterns for Simple Problems

James Kovacs and I are presenting at the Calgary .Net User Group Thursday, July 19th 2007. The session is called : “Simple Patterns for Simple Problems”. Here is the abstract: Everyone has that little (or not so little) class called … Continue reading 

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Leveraging the EventHandler<T> delegate more effectively

If you are now coding in .Net 2.0/3.0/3.5 and are creating types that expose events. Chances are you have started leveraging the EventHandler<T> delegate that frees you from creating custom delegate signatures for events anymore. If not this post is … Continue reading 

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DateTime Formatting with single custom format specifiers

I may be the last one in the .Net world to find this one out!! Say you wanted to execute the following string format statement:   return string.Format(“{0:MMMM} {0:d}-{1:d}, {0:yyy}”, start, end); The result of that format command would be: … Continue reading 

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dasBloggers’ Put Your Design Hat On

In the spirit of promoting more community involvement around dasBlog, Ben Scheirman is hosting a contest to see who can come up with the coolest theme for dasBlog. As well as the winner walking away with a $100, this contest … Continue reading 

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Late Speaking Announcement

Dave Laribee and I will be giving a talk titled – You Got Served : Ping Pong Pairing, at the Oklahoma code camp on July 28th. I am pretty pumped about this session, and you can expect that Dave and I will … Continue reading 

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Update – (Taking a short break from)Typing With The Datahand

As you can see from the title. I am currently not using the datahand to type right now. This is due in large part to the immediate needs of a client and my personal frustration with going from being able … Continue reading 

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