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VMWare Fusion – Toggle Input to the active window

I was just reading a comment that someone who was using Fusion had an issue with the fact that you had to use the mouse when you switch input back to the VM. This post is for you. When you … Continue reading 

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Screen Bound DTO Update (Getting the terminology right)

I am going to be posting a small sample that demonstrates what I was talking about in my post describing using Screen Bound DTO’s Presentation Model. In chatting with a couple of people, they correctly fixed my terminology to use lingo that … Continue reading 

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QuickSilver is to OSX what ReSharper is to Studio

As cool as I think OSX is, now that I have been exposed to QuickSilver, I find myself facing the same situation that I do when I am facing a VS installation without ReSharper. I can’t use it without it!! … Continue reading 

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Where did my ALT key go!!

I am currently loving working on a Mac, but the one nagging thing that I miss is the fact that I can’t hit the ALT key and have all of the menu accessors enabled so that I can traverse the … Continue reading 

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Screen Bound DTO’s (Presentation Model)

Currently, in a lot of the projects that I work on I tend to take a top down approach to development. Which means that I will start at test that focus on the presentation layer of the application. Some people … Continue reading 

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Hello Mac OSX

Well, I finally dished out and purchased a brand new MacBook Pro. And I am amazed at the simplicity of the OSX OS. Initially I was a little worried at the lack of keyboard support. This ended up being a … Continue reading 

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Design vs. Coding – How Much Is Too Much?

A while ago I got asked the following question: I’ve been wondering something aboutOOD that perhaps many developers think about, and that is therelationship between the amount of time used for design (eg. drawingUML) and actual coding. What’s your take on this? … Continue reading 

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Macro to aid BDD test naming style

During the DevTeach seminar that occured in Montreal in May I got an awesome opportunity to pair deliver a TDD workshop with Scott Bellware. One of the things he got me hooked on was using natural sentences as a test … Continue reading 

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Nothin But .Net (Help The Homeless) – Calgary, Alberta (November 5th – 9th)

You are probably looking at the title of this course and wondering ‘What is he talking about’? Many readers of this blog are aware of the fact that I am a born again Christian. To this end one of my … Continue reading 

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And now we return you to your regularly scheduled program….almost

As most people have probably seen, I have been extremely quiet on the blogging front for the most of this year. The posts that I have disseminated have been to inform people about upcoming courses and presentations that I have … Continue reading 

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