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The Static Gateway Pattern

Now I am by no means claiming to be any sort of patterns naming authority, but after you see the same occurent pattern in your applications you often will try to formulate some sort of vocabulary among the team to … Continue reading 

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Start Flying With ReSharper (and windows in general) – Use the Alt-Key

I received this question a couple of days ago that I thought I would quickly take the time to respond to a question: “At work over the past few weeks we’ve been watching your patterns talks on dnrTV.  We’ve found … Continue reading 

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Drop the temporary lists and leverage yield

I see lots of code bases throwing IList<T>, List<T> etc all over the place when half of the time all they really need is to return a set that can be either databound, or walked over and processed one at … Continue reading 

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England Generics Presentation source code

Back on the 17th of September, the good folks at the NxtGenUG in Oxford, England were kind enough to extend me an invitation to speak. The presentation went well and I promised to make the code available as soon as … Continue reading 

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Running VMWare images on Windows and Macs

As I said the other day, I finally bit the bullet and purchased an awesome MacBook pro!! From day 1 (in the Mac world) I have been utilizing VMWare Fusion as my virtualization software of choice. This is a list of … Continue reading 

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Directory Structure For Projects

That last part in the title is to indicate that for me, this is something that has changed several times over the past year with a change happening even within the last month. Let me stress the fact that I … Continue reading 

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