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Getting started with BDD style Context/Specification base naming

I have received a number of good responses from people who have a couple of aesthetic issues with the BDD style naming that I am starting to use. Let me clarify, I have been using the natural sentence style test … Continue reading 

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Updated BDD Naming Macro

After an awesome session pair programming with Scott the other day, I am going to start taking advantage of natural sentence style naming for not just my test method names, but the names of the test fixtures themselves. The name … Continue reading 

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Setting The Record Straight – My Thoughts On The MVP Variants (for web applications)

Having received a bunch of emails in the past couple of weeks from people who have been asking me questions with regards to Passive View/Supervising controller patterns for web applications. I needed to let people know that for the last … Continue reading 

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I finally set up a googlecode project to host source code for the various things I have been doing over the last year. The first major significant contribution is of course the code drop that I promised a week ago … Continue reading 

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Alternative To ALT-INS For ReSharper Junkies

Everyone who knows me knows what a big keyboard junkie I am. When I am typing on my MacBook keyboard and not my natural (or datahand). There is not Insert key that I can use when in ReSharper. I know … Continue reading 

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Update To VS2008 Issue

Thanks to everyone for all of the feedback. In the end, the first response that I tried was to install the latest copy of VisualSVN (I was running a slightly older version). After installing the latest version of VisualSVN everthing is … Continue reading 

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VS2008 – Bringing Attention To An Issue

Well, today I installed VS2008 on my machine. Setup went great and completed with no errors. This was a fresh install on a machine that had no prior beta bits installed whatsoever. So I did not anticipate anything weird happening. … Continue reading 

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Static Gateway – Part 2

In the last installment I left off with a class that served as a Static Gateway for Logging functionality. The nature of the members being accessed statically allowed for pure syntactic sugar for clients who wanted to consume logging functionality. … Continue reading 

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Stop Reading – Start Doing

I had to laugh when I read “TDD Ain’t No Snowboarding from Alessandro Burrato. It is a direct counter to my TDD is Like Snowboarding post!! His experience of TDD is very different than the experience I documented based off … Continue reading 

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Downloading VS2008

The title says it all. Looks like I will be prepping a new VMWare image in a couple of hours!! Now the JetBrains people have a good target to aim at with getting a release out that supports the RTM … Continue reading 

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