Huge Code Drop Coming!!!!!!!

A lot of people will probably say it is about time!! I am taking the source code that just got driven out from this last week of Nothin But .Net and I am going to make it publicly available from my blog. I am hoping to release it by the end of the week. The reason that I can’t release it yet, is that there are lots of concepts that I wanted to cover in class that I did not have time too, so I am going to spend a bit of time fleshing out the code base to include all of the concepts that were missed (by student request)

Keep in mind that Nothin But .Net is a course about fundamental software development practices with a bit of a .Net slant. Here are some of the things you will be able to see in the code base:

  • How Test Driven Development was used to drive out the functionality of screens in the application in a top down fashion
  • The benefit of using Data Transfer objects not as a marshaling tool, but as a tool to let the needs of the UI not influence unecessary changes to the domain model
  • The benefits of leveraging layered architecture
  • Why you don’t need lots of projects in your enterprise solutions if you are using an automated build (take  a look at the following screenshot to get an idea for the solution structure
  • Clean Front Controller implementation so that you can eliminate the need for messy Passive View/Supervising Controller implementations just for testability of the web form world
  • Good practices around mixing both interaction and state based testing
  • Test partitioning (integration, unit, acceptance)
  • My current project build structure
  • How to avoid the overspecification problem with interaction based testing
  • Rhino Mocks and leveraging the automocking container (thanks James for getting me hooked on this thing)
  • Fluent Interfaces
  • Build Automation
    • NAnt compilation as an effective tool for pruning dead code that studio does not show
    • NAnt as a build tool
    • NAnt as your compiler and test runner
    • Build file partitioning
      • Use of filesets
    • Machine agnostic build files through use of local property files
  • Unit Testing
    • Focusing on one thing at a time
    • Incremental testing
    • Breaking reliance on setup methods
  • MBUnit
    • Decorators used effectively
  • Design Patterns
    • Visitor
    • Factory
    • Data Transfer Object
    • Adapter
    • Proxy
    • Mapper
    • Unit Of Work (lots of people have been bugging me about this for a while)
    • Lazy Loading
    • IOC
    • Gateway (and Static Gateway)
    • Service Layer
    • Identity Map
    • Data Mapper
    • Database Gateway
    • Money
    • Null Object
    • Strategy
    • Composite
    • Command
    • Template View
    • Query Object
    • Specification
    • Domain Model
    • Separated Interface
  • Design Principles
    • Single Responsibility
    • Open Closed principle
    • Dependency Inversion Principle
    • Hollywood principle
    • Tell Don’t Ask

I am sure I am missing lots in the description above, but you get the general idea. The important thing to note, is that all of the code (except for the changes I am making this week) was driven out through the course of the one week bootcamp!!

I am going to spend a couple of days ensuring that it contains as much code as possible for an initial drop, with full end to end functionality in place.

Going forward, this code will serve as a good place for me to be able to demonstrate in a public arena, concepts that people email me and ask me questions about. This way, I won’t have to spend as much time blogging, people can send me a question about something they are having problems with, I can implement the solution in the codebase and they can see how I attacked the problem from a test first perspective.

I envision this as being a very organic application. I am going to use it as a public tool to share whatever knowledge I have with as many people as possible.

When I post the code I will make sure I post a little about the application and why I feel that it will serve as a good tool to both teach and practice.

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6 Responses to Huge Code Drop Coming!!!!!!!

  1. Shadi Mari says:

    Have you changed your mind JP 😉

  2. Brad Mead says:

    Jean Paul,

    Watching your TDD screencasts was literally 50% of the reason I decided to get moving and start to improve my craft in a serious way. You are among a rare and small group of tireless and very giving mentors. Would that I might live up to your example as I travel along my own best practices learning path.

    Thank you.

  3. Sam says:

    May God bless you, JP.

  4. Shadi Mari says:

    Jean Paul, you really kick butts! you are the source of my inspiration.

  5. Liang says:

    Cannot wait, Jean Paul!

  6. john smith says:

    great stuff really looking forward to this. what about adding validation in the domain objects as well (IBusinessRule and IBusinessRuleSet)?

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