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BDD Specification Base Class

With a newfound interest in leveraging the AutoMockingContainer (credit to James for convincing me of this approach) here is the code for my base class used to write BDD style interaction based tests:

public abstract class Specification { private MockRepository mockery; private AutoMockingContainer container; protected MockRepository Mocks { get { return mockery; } } protected AutoMockingContainer Container { get { return container; } } [SetUp] public void BaseSetup() { mockery = new MockRepository(); container = new AutoMockingContainer(mockery); container.Initialize(); Before_each_spec(); } [TearDown] public void TearDown() { After_Each_Spec(); } protected virtual void After_Each_Spec() { } public IDisposable PlayBackOnly { get { using (Record) { } return PlayBack; } } public void BackToRecord(object mockObject) { Mocks.BackToRecord(mockObject); } public IDisposable Record { get { return Mocks.Record(); } } public IDisposable PlayBack { get { return Mocks.Playback(); } } public abstract void Before_each_spec(); public Item CreateSUT<Item>() { return container.Create<Item>(); } public Interface CreateStrictMockOf<Interface>() { return mockery.CreateMock<Interface>(); } public IEnumerable<T> CreateMockEnumerable<T>() { return CreateMock<IEnumerable<T>>(); } public T Mock<T>() where T : class { return container.Get<T>(); } public void ProvideAnImplementationOf<Interface, Implementation>() { container.AddComponent(typeof (Implementation).FullName, typeof (Interface), typeof (Implementation)); } public void ProvideAnImplementationOf<Interface>(object instance) { container.Kernel.AddComponentInstance(instance.GetType().FullName, typeof (Interface), instance); } protected Interface CreateMock<Interface>() { return Mocks.DynamicMock<Interface>(); } }

I changed some of my original method names to match up with what Dave was doing (for a bit of consistency).Here is an example of a testfixture that leverages this as the base (this test happens to use an explicit CreateSUT method, vs the one provided by the AutoMockingContainer):


[TestFixture] public class When_told_to_visit_all_items : Specification { private IVisitor<int> visitor; private RichList<int> numbers; private IEnumerableActions<int> sut; private IEnumerableActions<int> CreateSUT() { return new EnumerableActions<int>(numbers); } public override void Before_each_spec() { numbers = new RichList<int>(); numbers.Add(1); numbers.Add(2); sut = CreateSUT(); visitor = CreateMock<IVisitor<int>>(); } [Test] public void Should_tell_visitor_to_visit_all_items_in_the_enumerable() { using (Record) { foreach (int i in numbers) { visitor.Visit(i); } } using (PlayBack) { sut.VisitAllItemsUsing(visitor); } } }

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  1. Joe Ocampo says:

    Nicely done. The automocking container aids the understanding of BDD and Mock object usage.

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