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Nothin But .Net Toronto (May 19th – 23rd) – Last Call

There are just a little over 2 weeks left to register for the Toronto session of Nothin But .Net. If you have not heard what past attendees have had to say, take a look at a small sample of some … Continue reading 

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DevTeach is less than 2 weeks away

In case you did not know DevTeach will be coming to Toronto for the first time this year!! Are you familiar with DevTeach? If you are, then you know that you have to prepare yourself for excellent content filled presentations; … Continue reading 

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Press On

I was just listening to one of my favorite podcasts (sorry, not anything remotely technical) and the title for the newest track caught my eye as it is definitely something that I try to encourage everyone to do: The title … Continue reading 

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Good to see my thoughts "varified" by someone else!!

Looks like Ilya Ryzhenkov of JetBrains shares my same thoughts with regards to using implicitly typed local variables!! It is an interesting read that you may want to check out here. Develop With Passion!!

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"The Dream Giver" – Giveaway Take 2

Having had such an amazing response from the last offer (who would have thought people liked free stuff!!). I thought I would throw this out there again and offer a gift certificate to buy this book to the first 3 … Continue reading 

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So Long Slickrun

For the longest time I have been running both SlickRun and Launchy on my machine. I kept both as I had not updated my copy of Launchy in a while and I found that slickrun was just much better for … Continue reading 

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Agility@Code Magazine

The current issue of Code magazine is focused on the application of agile practices. I had the honor of being included with some very well respected developers in the Agile space and contributed a small MVP Corner article titled: Individuagility. … Continue reading 

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Got var?

I had a couple of interesting discussions at the recent MVP summit around my preference to using the var keyword in my recent set of codebases. I argued that people who are already in the habit of expressively naming their … Continue reading 

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Alt .Net Seattle – Parting Thoughts

This past Alt.Net experience was amazing as always. I am continually blown away by the level of passion that is exhibited by all attendees. Every single person in attendance comes ready to share and learn. I enjoyed talking with a … Continue reading 

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Nothin But .Net Austin – Recap

What can I say. I could not have asked for a more fabulous group of people to have as a class. The week was full of coding madness, resharper jedi magic, VimFu, and most importantly – amazing conversation between a … Continue reading 

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