So Long Slickrun

For the longest time I have been running both SlickRun and Launchy on my machine. I kept both as I had not updated my copy of Launchy in a while and I found that slickrun was just much better for launching folders in Explorer. Having had my eyes opened at the last course in Austin, I have now completely removed SlickRun and am completely running using Launchy.

The old launchy interface required me to hit tab before I wanted to initiate folder navigation, which is why I still kept slickrun kicking around. I am happy to say that is not the case anymore.

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8 Responses to So Long Slickrun

  1. Rainer Stengele says:

    Anyone ever tried keylink?
    Looks liek keylink does everything that launchy and slickrun does. No problem to create “MagicWords”. No problem to navigate in explorer, call urls, execute any application when starting with “,” etc. We use it since years.
    Initially it cab scan your “Start” Folder.

  2. Peter Seale says:

    I use SlickRun to launch browser instances under “runas” – great for Integrated Windows Authentication sites (AKA SharePoint). The other killer feature is being able to launch browser-targeted links (open our intranet sites in IE, everything else in Firefox).

    If Launchy can enable that somehow, I’ll probably switch.

  3. Launchy definitely needs “magic words” before I can switch.

    I use launchy solely for indexing start menu and nothing else.

    slickrun has:
    g “whatever” to google search
    map “address” for google maps
    cal for my google calendar
    news, mail, etc…

  4. Seth Petry-Johnson says:

    @Dave: The Vista start menu is great for finding installed programs or documents, but it doesn’t come close to a launcher in terms of features. A launcher like SlickRun (which is what I use) lets you specify command line arguments and starting directory for a particular app, and you can also name the alias whatever you want. For instance, I do “Win-Q, F, Enter” to open Firefox. With Vista’s start menu, I’d have to look through the entire list of programs starting with “F” to find the one I wanted. I think Vista’s menu is great, but I still use SR :)

    @JP: Can you elaborate on exactly what new feature or ability of Launchy made you drop SR altogether?

  5. Joe says:


    Yes, they work.

  6. Dave says:

    Do those launchers do something I’m missing that the Vista start menu search field doesn’t?

  7. Very cool tool, I haven’t tried it in years.
    But I miss Slickrun’s eye dropper for setting up new commands.

  8. Ben Hall says:

    Cheers for the heads up, great application!! I really like the way that they have already added search locations, such as your start menu, into the shortcut.

    Took me a while to figure out where it had gone – Alt+space was the answer.

    Now, I just need to stop pressing Win+Q :)

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