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Hi I’ve been criticised in the past for launching into the talks that I give and not giving enough of an introduction for the irrelevant details of who I actually am – so hi, I’m @robashton and I’ve joined CodeBetter … Continue reading 

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Thank You – CodeBetter.Com

This will be my last post on For almost a year now I have had the opportunity to share the blog space with some amazing minds in our industry. I am greatly honored to have had the opportunity to … Continue reading 


Achieving Your Childhood Dreams

Everyone who knows me will know that I can tend to ramble on about the topic of this post. I am a big proponent of trying to encourage people to stretch and really push to achieve dreams that they have … Continue reading 

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Press On

I was just listening to one of my favorite podcasts (sorry, not anything remotely technical) and the title for the newest track caught my eye as it is definitely something that I try to encourage everyone to do: The title … Continue reading 

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"The Dream Giver" – Giveaway Take 2

Having had such an amazing response from the last offer (who would have thought people liked free stuff!!). I thought I would throw this out there again and offer a gift certificate to buy this book to the first 3 … Continue reading 

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Alt .Net Seattle – Parting Thoughts

This past Alt.Net experience was amazing as always. I am continually blown away by the level of passion that is exhibited by all attendees. Every single person in attendance comes ready to share and learn. I enjoyed talking with a … Continue reading 

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The Dream Giver

Having recommended this book to a couple of friends I thought I would take the time to write my 2 cents on what could potentially be a life changing book for many people. While reading this book it continually reminded … Continue reading 


Dream Big, Take Some Risks, Reap the Rewards

So many people I talk with ask the question “How do you do it?”. This question always suprises me as I don’t think that anything that I am doing is all that magical. I just try to work hard every … Continue reading 


If You Feel Like Hearing Me Blab For A While

In November I had the wonderful honor and opportunity to record a podcast with Craig Shoemaker of Polymorphic Podcast fame. There was not any one specific topic talked about but the conversation was definitely a lot of fun. He has … Continue reading 

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Happy New Year

A new year has sprung up and I am fired up to help people “Develop with Passion” for the 2008 year. The blogging front is going to be fairly quiet for me for the first part of the month. With … Continue reading 

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