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The joy of being a programmer

I am programming since I am 10 and I am now 38. Today I measure how much good programming bring to my life, directly and indirectly. I’d like to give credit to aspects I love in my job. Hopefully some … Continue reading 


Score 1 For Eliminating your hands flight path

For the last couple of weeks, I have been integrating Vim and a complementary set of tools into my development toolkit. I am firmly on board with what the pragmatic programmers say: "Learn a good editor, and learn it well!!" … Continue reading 

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BDD Test Naming Macro – Speed Update

Ever since I received the BDD test naming macro from Scott Bellware last year, it has gone through several iterations of improvements (mostly due to students taking the time to tune up the macro). Of all of the enhancements to … Continue reading 



Got some feedback on my MappingEnumerable post. People wanted to see me leveraging some of the new language features (specifically linq). I can leverage linq to change the extension method to eliminate the need for the MappingEnumerable (which was brought … Continue reading 

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BDD Specification Base Class

With a newfound interest in leveraging the AutoMockingContainer (credit to James for convincing me of this approach) here is the code for my base class used to write BDD style interaction based tests: public abstract class Specification { private MockRepository mockery; private AutoMockingContainer … Continue reading 

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Nothin But .Net Store (Google Code) Breaking Change

I just upgraded the project to a VS2008 project and am now starting to demonstrate (and will continue to do so in the new year) how to integrate some of the new language features. This means that if you don’t … Continue reading 

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In my infrastructure layer of my projects I regularly include the following interface: public interface IMapper<Input, Output> { Output MapFrom(Input input); } This interface should be fairly self-explanatory, it takes in an item of type Input and spits out an … Continue reading 

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Getting started with BDD style Context/Specification base naming

I have received a number of good responses from people who have a couple of aesthetic issues with the BDD style naming that I am starting to use. Let me clarify, I have been using the natural sentence style test … Continue reading 

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Setting The Record Straight – My Thoughts On The MVP Variants (for web applications)

Having received a bunch of emails in the past couple of weeks from people who have been asking me questions with regards to Passive View/Supervising controller patterns for web applications. I needed to let people know that for the last … Continue reading 

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Stop Reading – Start Doing

I had to laugh when I read “TDD Ain’t No Snowboarding from Alessandro Burrato. It is a direct counter to my TDD is Like Snowboarding post!! His experience of TDD is very different than the experience I documented based off … Continue reading 

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