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TDD Lesson 2 – Continuous Integration

I hate to digress from the raw TDD discussion so early on, but if you’re serious about TDD, you have to consider whether continuous integration (CI) is right for you or not. Even if you aren’t doing TDD or unit … Continue reading 

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TDD Lesson 1 – Don’t worry about starting small

The first thing I want to cover in my “learning TDD” track is to not worry about writing seemingly meaningless or uninteresting code. First of all you never know what shape code will take in the future – the simplest … Continue reading 

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Becoming more Agile : I’m learning TDD

Unlike many of my CodeBetter colleagues, I’m not the most Agile developer in the shed. Specifically, I’ve never done TDD for a real system. I’m more of a unit-test-after kinda guy, which often (not always) translates to unit-test-never. When surrounded … Continue reading 

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I would quit before working with Rational

Rational, which was bought by IBM awhile ago, sells a range of products aimed  at large-scale enterprise development. Requirement management, bug tracking, source control, modeling, etc. There are two problems with Rational – it’s insanely expensive and insanely bad software. … Continue reading 

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Poor .NET search results on Google

I wouldn’t mention anything, but I’m sure this problem is relatively new, and growing. It used to be I could search for .NET things via google and get a bunch of great hits in the first couple results. Lately though, … Continue reading 

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Global.asax? Use HttpModules Instead!

In a previous post, I talked about HttpHandlers – an underused but incredibly useful feature of ASP.NET. Today I want to talk about HttpModules, which are probably more common than HttpHandlers, but could still stand to be advertised a bit … Continue reading 

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ASP.NET Job @ Blizzard

I wasn’t going to blog about it, but there’s a Lead Tools Programmer job available at Blizzard Entertainment. You can see the full job posting here. If they are smart, they’ll hire an MVP or someone with a strong community … Continue reading 

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1. WinFX/XAML 2. Office 2007

I just have to talk about two somewhat off topic subjects, so I’ll keep it quick: WinFx/XAML and office 2007. I downloaded the newest WinFX beta for Windows XP, along with the VS.NET 2005 tools and the CTP of Interactive … Continue reading 

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