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Old news? MSDN does wiki?!

Someone vindicate me and say “wow, I didn’t know about this either”…but… Somehow I missed the news that MSDN had gone wiki – or atleast a version of it was wikicized. You can see the site at I happen … Continue reading 

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Being Explicit

Do custom “flexible” solutions ever drive me crazy. Most of them amount to meta-based repositories (key => value), heavy use of “object” and datasets and impossible to maintain code. The masterminds behind these systems are often senior “architects”.  In my … Continue reading 

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At the risk of embarrassing myself, what’s up with Ever since the delayed upgrade to CommunityServer, a number of bloggers have been turning off anonymous comments (a mistake as far as I’m concerned, meh, their blog their business). What … Continue reading 

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Programming is too easy

Another day, another coding horror. *sigh* not how I wanted to start off this week. At least the problem isn’t technical, but rather an embarrassing misunderstanding of a business rule – and of course the system’s in production. It could … Continue reading 

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Integrated Source Control and Bug Tracking

Even though Rational’s suite of products is my second most hated piece of sotfware ever, it did introduce me to tightly integrated source control and bug tracking. Basically any changes you do to your source code needs to be associated … Continue reading 

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Captcha Control

I dug something else up while doing some cleaning : a captcha control. The core functionality is taken from this codeproject article. I’ve gone ahead and wrapped it in a custom server control as well as taking advantage of HttpHandlers. … Continue reading 

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Access 2007 – Worth installing to see how bad it is

So I double click on an access file a client sent over, and realize it’s my first time loading up Access 2007. Whereas the tabbed-menu system of Word is pretty quick to get accustomed to, it’s just a pain to … Continue reading 

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TDD Lesson 3 – Teasing the data layer…

Sooner or later during your TDD experimentation, you’ll start to creep up against your data layer. I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of new TDD’ers find themselves brushing up against their database sooner than they ought to. I know … Continue reading 

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Javascript Management with ASP.NET

Over the weekend, I dug up an ASP.NET article I wrote a while ago and never put up anywhere. It was actually meant as a practical example of using HttpHandlers – which I’ve talked about before. Basically, the idea is … Continue reading 

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