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I’m losing what’s left of my hair reading ex-co worker’s blogs!!

Call me mean-spirited, but… There are a couple blogs I read from people whom I've personally worked with, and it takes every ounce of strength not to post rude and obscene comments. It's like, they blog about things that more … Continue reading 

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Holmes on Homes for Software Developers

My girlfriend and I watch Holmes on Homes quite a bit (it's on 3 different channels here in Canada). If you aren't familiar with it, it's about this big guy, Mike Holmes, who's a contractor (think houses, not software you … Continue reading 

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WoW Forums switch from .NET to Java

This isn't ground breaking news, and I'm sure there are hundreds of sites every day switching between technologies (.NET <–> Java <–> PHP <—> XYZ), but the new Blizzard forums are now powered by apache-coyote/jsp instead of IIS/.NET like they … Continue reading 

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A good manager

I’ve had the experience to work with different types of managers over the years. Nice ones, mean ones, technical experts, technical dolts, “certified”. While it might be a no-brainer, in my opinion, a technical manager is the way to go. … Continue reading 

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TDD Lesson 4 – I mock you (updated)

UPDATE: I solved my problem by marking my method as protected internal instead of just internal. My adventures through TDD land aren’t over yet. I decided to follow Joshua‘s and Jeremy ‘s advice and spend some time looking into RhynoMocks. … Continue reading 

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Egads! DON’T Bundle VS.NET with VISTA!!

So there’s a discussion going around about bundling a form of VS.NET (likely some Express Edition) with Vista. It started here, and got a response by Dan Fernandez of Microsoft here, with a number of trackbacks everywhere. One of the … Continue reading 

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Where are the .NET Socket Servers?

I’ve been searching the web high and low looking for a robust .NET socket server (specifically aimed at multiplayer gaming, but I’m at the point where I’ll be glad to find anything). There are decent codeproject articles that cover the … Continue reading 

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JetBrains does it again? TeamCity’s here!

Have the good folks at JetBrains done it again? Today they announced the first public release of their newest product: TeamCity. Looks like a build management / continuous integration tool. Interestingly enough, it’s works for both Java and .NET and … Continue reading 

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