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You aren’t gonna need it …. But maybe you will…

There are three overlapping high level design goals I always try to follow: Be explicit, Keep it simple and You aren't gonna need it Building something simple that's easy to understand and change is the best way to build extensibility … Continue reading 

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Sidetracked with MySQL & SQL Server Performance

Here's the short version: This is only for inserting 500 rows into a 3 column table InnoDB  really seems screwed on Windows platforms running 5.x – Certainly don't have anything conclusive, but I'd watch out  For my very simple test, … Continue reading 

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Wait a couple more days before getting a new computer

I overheard our IT Manager talking about ordering 4 laptops, and told him he should wait until friday – that's the day Microsoft is supposed to be offering upgrade coupons for Vista. You can read more at:  I'd hate to … Continue reading 

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Posted a job on (web dev ottawa, ont)

In case you missed the announcement, Eric and Brendan released not too long ago. I've decided to take advantage of their promotion of having free postings and put up a job for a full time (with benefits) position at … Continue reading 

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does really need ads?

Call this mindless rambling on a sunday, but does really need to have banner ads all over the place?  Aside from the homepage, almost every page has 1 or 2 banner ads.  There in the forums, all over the … Continue reading 

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don’t use string.format ?!

In response to my post evangilizing string.format, Travis commented that my advice was wrong, and that it was "pathetic" to give priority to mere code cosmetics rather than performance. It's obvious that Travis feels strongly about the topic – as … Continue reading 

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Give your website more context

A pattern I've used over the years, when applicable, is to create an XXXContext class within my web project. The scope of the class is for a request; the purpose is to make available data and methods relevant to most … Continue reading 

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