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MS Consulting : One Consulting Company To Rule Them All

warning: this post is based on highly ignorant beliefs and huge generalizations. I know that there already is a Microsoft Consulting branch, but the one I'm speaking of is completely made up –since I know nothing about the existing one. … Continue reading 

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Database Impedance Mismatch

I've always been pretty vocal about my anti-dataset views. I also don't think databases should be treated as dumb repositories – they should be leveraged. This in-between attitude, which I think is actually fairly common, means I end up writing … Continue reading 

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Resharper holiday pricing

David beat me to the punch about the release of Resharper 2.5 which is a free upgrade for existing customers. I've just installed it and the performance improvements are noticeable, yay! The minor issues I was having with Vista also … Continue reading 

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How to hire a programmer – Part 3 – Solutions

Part 2 featured a piece of smell code and asked for ways to improve it. The goal isn't necessarily for someone to catch all the issues but at least get the big ones and be able to talk about the … Continue reading 

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How to hire a programmer – Part 2 – Improve this code

In Part 1, Christopher pointed out that since we all spend a lot of time maintaining and fixing code, a good interview test is to have people fix up some smelly code. Since I couldn't possibly agree more, I wrote … Continue reading 

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