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HttpHandler Unit Testing

The pains of unit testing the front-end portion of ASP.NET far outweigh the benefits. It's easier and more worthwhile to stick with your domain and data layers. Lately, I've been working on a project that makes heavy use of HttpHandlers. … Continue reading 

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Page_Load is NOT evil

There's a post over at SitePoint calling Page_Load evil. The complaint is pretty much that because it's automatically there (VS.NET generates the Page_Load handler by default) people just cram everything in there. Technically some broad statements about Page_Load are made … Continue reading 

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Fast string to integer conversion

I'm dealing with string-based inputs that actually represent integers. The system is under very tight performance constraints – tens of thousands of users on it at the same time with frequent server interaction (i.e., they aren't spending 10 minutes reading … Continue reading 

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