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Resharper 3.0 and Orcas – No False Advertising Here

I’m a big fan of resharper. If you go to download 3.0 and read the installation instructions, they state very clearly that although it’ll install in Orcas, it doesn’t support any of the 3.0 language constructs. And that’s the absolute … Continue reading 

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AlphaGeek? Puleezz!

I don’t believe in AlphaGeeks. If you’re a book publisher, I have no doubt that they are a very real market segment and probably one worth watching very closely. It might even hold true for things like internet browser trends. … Continue reading 

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My .NET Wishlist

Following is a list of features that I wish were available to me as a .NET developer. Distributed Caching.NET’s built-in caching capabilities, especially for ASP.NET developers, was a major new enhancement for web developers. When properly leveraged, both the output … Continue reading 

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Tweaking .NET’s Cache API

Much like I typically wrap my DataReaders in the CSLA.NET’s SafeDataReader to better handle DB Null’s, I’ve taken to wrapping .NET’s built-in Cache object in order to improve the API, decreasing my code’s coupling and improve testability. Three things always … Continue reading 

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Jeremy’s right…being a Microsoft developer isn’t that bad..

I have my share of problems with Microsoft, and Martin Fowler is right that there seem to be a conscious effort to discourage tools that enable enterprise developers and agile developers. But…Jeremy is right that being a Microsoft developer isn’t … Continue reading 

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