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Jeremy’s right…being a Microsoft developer isn’t that bad..

I have my share of problems with Microsoft, and Martin Fowler is right that there seem to be a conscious effort to discourage tools that enable enterprise developers and agile developers.

But…Jeremy is right that being a Microsoft developer isn’t that bad, yet people seem downright hostile to his positive and realistic outlook. Like Jeremy, there’s a strong economic reality for me (and likely most other .NET developer) to stick with Microsoft. That doesn’t make us sellouts.

He’s also right that things are getting better each day, both in the OSS community and in general best practice awareness. Yes we take a few steps back, like the silliness of MSTests and the disgusting TDD.NET fiasco, but that’s just life. We have too many pompous old frogs who think their way is the only way and will never stop BITCHING no mater what Microsoft does. NEWS-FLASH you aren’t Microsoft’s only customer…they really do have Morts, it’s a significant part of their business, and they aren’t going to give up on it…LIVE WITH IT.  I can agree that lately they’ve seem to be trying to turn all of us into Morts, but that’ll balance out.

He forgot to mention how great some people at Microsoft really are. Guthrie, Hejlsberg, Vick and Box are just a few of the handful of extremely talented and passionate individuals. I can’t imagine the type of balancing act ScottGu and PaulVick need to do to keep their extremely broad audience happy. I doubt anyone of us, Martin Fowler or Tim  O’Reilly included, would do any better.


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2 Responses to Jeremy’s right…being a Microsoft developer isn’t that bad..

  1. Carl Sagen says:

    Well put Karl. I agree with you this time. Fowler is way off base. He must have been off his meds when writing that post and unfortunately casts stones while being totally misinformed.

  2. Colin Jack says:

    From the use of capitals and the angriness of the content I’m sure you have something interesting to say on the topic but I personally don’t think it comes across well in this blog post.