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Better multithreading support needed in .NET

This is the kind of post you make, and immediately get 4 comments saying the class you requested is already in the framework…. I’ve been working a lot on multithreaded applications lately. I’m not specifically talking about taking advantage of … Continue reading 

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How Microsoft tried to screw me out of $30.00

I have the lofty goal of becoming more financially responsible. Since I’m a Microsoft fanboy, I figure I’ll buy Microsoft Money 2008. I head over to the website and see that Plus Premium is $49.99USD – same as the equivalent … Continue reading 

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NHibernate in Action

I’ve been busy like a bee (for anyone curious, even though I know nothing about bees, I’ve somehow convinced myself that my fall-back job would be to run an apiary), but I’ve managed to squeeze in a couple chapters of … Continue reading 

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