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How Microsoft tried to screw me out of $30.00

I have the lofty goal of becoming more financially responsible. Since I’m a Microsoft fanboy, I figure I’ll buy Microsoft Money 2008. I head over to the website and see that Plus Premium is $49.99USD – same as the equivalent Quickens. I click on the “download now” which adds Money 2008 to my shopping card for $79.99. WTF?

It turns out $49.99 is only the manufacturer’s suggested retail price – which I guess Microsoft expects everyone to follow except themselves.

So I bought Quickens.

Turns out there’s a $30 mail-in-rebate, but from the page I was on, it isn’t at all clear:

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11 Responses to How Microsoft tried to screw me out of $30.00

  1. Jay Kimble says:

    Hey Observer,

    None of us on CodeBetter follow that rule (especially yours truly). And sometimes we’re not so nice to each other…. We’re equal opportunity!

  2. An observer says:

    Insteresting post that applies to this: see item 5 in http://www.hanselman.com/blog/BlogInteresting32WaysToKeepYourBlogFromSucking.aspx.

  3. Tim Hibbard says:

    I’ve used quicken and money, and I like quicken much better.

  4. Jim says:

    You should have bought it from BuyCheapSoftware.com and saved yourself some hassles.

  5. Jeff says:

    Better than being screwed by Apple for $200…. 😉

  6. James says:

    Doh! Sux2BU

  7. jdn says:

    I would agree that on that page, it isn’t clear. I went immediately to the home page when I saw the post, where it is clear.

  8. karl says:

    jdn: Damnit!

    In my own defense, I was on:

    and I would not call it “clear” at all.

    Next to the price is a footnote which says:
    ** Estimated Retail Price. Actual retail prices may vary. Mail in rebate details

    And when you click on the “rebate details” it doesn’t say anything about $30.00.

  9. Max Pool says:

    Don’t worry Karl, you aren’t alone.

    Turns out MSFT has tried to screw a lot people out of $40,000 by attempting to sell MOSS 2007 for Internet Sites.

  10. jdn says:

    It clearly says “minus $30 mail-in rebate” on the site.

  11. Scott says:

    Saving $30 is the first step towards fiscal responsibility! Good job, Karl! :)