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Scale Cheaply – Sharding

There are a lot of expensive ways to scale your database – all of which are highly touted by the big three database vendors because, well, they want to sell you all types of really expensive stuff. Despite what an … Continue reading 

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Foundations of Programming Ebook

I’m excited to finally release the official, and completely free, Foundations of Programming EBook. This essentially contains all 9 Foundation parts including a conclusion and some typical book fluff (table of content, acknowledgement and so on). A number of spelling … Continue reading 

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Foundations of Programming – pt 9 – Proxy This and Proxy That

Few keywords are as simple yet amazingly powerful as virtual in C# (overridable in VB.NET). When you mark a method as virtual you allow an inheriting class to override the behavior. Without this functionality inheritance and polymorphism wouldn’t be of … Continue reading 

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Resharper 4

It’s hard to imagine that almost a year has gone by since my jab at Resharper’s 3.0 lack of support for .NET 3.5. Yesterday I finally got around to installing thew newly released Resharper 4 and I’m more then blown … Continue reading 

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