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Looking for .NET projects to contribute to

I’ve been getting a fair bit of mesages from developers, who are enthusiastic about DDD and the common ALT.NET toolset, looking for a good project to contribute to – as a means of doing some hands on learning and helping … Continue reading 

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Password : You’re doing it wrong

I’d like to think that I deal with passwords the way most developers do. When dealing with registration or something else that requires the user to provide a password, I follow some general guidelines: The password must be a minimum … Continue reading 

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My Thoughts on ASP.NET’s MVC

Like me, you might have been surprised that the foundation series didn’t have a chapter on the MVC pattern. I’m no fan of the existing page model (I actually think it’s horrible), and I’ve successfully used MonoRail on a few … Continue reading 

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Foundations of Programming – Learning Application

If you’re anything like me, you probably learn a lot better by going through code rather than reading books. I’m happy to release the Foundations of Programming Learning Application – it’s a complete solution meant to show what was covered … Continue reading 

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Announcing the .NET Extension Library

285 days ago I blogged about my dislike for extension methods. Extension methods aren’t very discoverable, and they can lead to poor communication (between members of a team, from project to project, and between a developer and the code he … Continue reading 

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Scale Cheaply – Memcached

I generally subscribe to the attitude that premature optimizations are evil, but I strongly believe that a robust caching strategy should evolve alongside the rest of the system. Waiting too long makes it hard to cleanly and thoughtfully add caching. … Continue reading 

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Get Your Func On

I’ve noticed that I have a 2 step pattern for learning new framework or language features. I’m guessing this is pretty typical for most people. First, I’ll use the feature within framework classes or 3rd party ddls. Then I’ll leverage … Continue reading 

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