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And we’re off…

Yesterday was my last day at Fuel. It was a hard decision, but one I felt was necessary in order to grow. I’m heading back into more enterprise-type of work. I’ll essentially be building management systems and services for emergency-room … Continue reading 

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Custom ASP.NET Page Tracing

Starting a new large-scale project with an ASP.NET front-end, I wanted to add a mechanism to get constant feedback about what my app was doing. Something similar to the built-in tracing mechanism, but far more lightweight. <%@Page trace=”true”…%> is great … Continue reading 

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What’s in a Title?

The relative hype around the Foundation ebook has been pretty fun. Today I noticed a very detailed (and positive) review of the book. Which is, of course, flattering. If there’s one thing a few people don’t care for though, it’s the title. … Continue reading 

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Got Shoes?

An article I wrote for DotNetSlackers on Ruby Shoes just got published. Shoes is a little framework a colleague turned me onto – it’s for building cross platform desktop applications on Ruby. I’m not sure its quite ready for prime … Continue reading 

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Back to Basics: LinkedLists

I tend to subscribe to the belief that programmers with some C background are typically better off than those without. This is largely because C is far less abstract from the underlying O/S and hardware than languages like C# or … Continue reading 

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Beautiful Code

I’d like to think that I’m a pretty passionate programmer, but I don’t think I’d describe code as being beautiful. Maybe I’ve seen one or two nice editor themes that really stand out, but actual code is just a bunch … Continue reading 

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