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Presenting CodeBetter.Canvas

UPDATE: A new version is available, read more at I recently wrote a code-heavy 3-part series on validation. Half-way through, I realized that a sample application would probably help bring together all the incoherent code snippets I was throwing … Continue reading 

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Validation – Part 3 – Server-Side

Validation – Part 3 – Server-Side <Update> You can download the sample application from here. Sorry, it turned into more than just a demo of the validation stuff.</Update> So far we’ve built-up a small foundation for a custom validation framework … Continue reading 

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The 7 Phases of Unit Testing

1 – Refuse to unit test because “you don’t have enough time”2 – Start unit testing and immediately start blogging about unit testing and TDD and how great they are and how everyone should do it3 – Unit test everything … Continue reading 

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Validation – Part 2 – Client-Side

Validation – Part 2 – Client-Side In Part 1 we looked at our basic framework for validation – a set of attributes, an interface, and some configuration objects. Now we’ll see how these can be used in conjunction with jQuery … Continue reading 

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Validation – Part 1 – Getting Started

There are a lot of good and free frameworks to help you deal with validating user-submitted data. You can use attribute-based frameworks, such as Castle Validators or .NET 3.5 Data Annotations to decorate your objects with simple rules, and then … Continue reading 

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For those who missed it, Joe Stagner commented that costs millions of dollars to run. Since Joe was a little vague about exactly what that meant, I’m going to assume that he’s talking about straight-up yearly hosting costs (because … Continue reading 

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Is ASP.NET MVC a half-baked solution?

Earlier this morning, I commented on twitter that I was starting my 2nd full-fledged ASP.NET MVC project, and was finding myself writing a massive amount of infrastructure code. Ironically, having to write so much infrastructure code was a major complaint … Continue reading 

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Tidbit – svn:externals

Not too long ago, I had a need to tie a number of svn repositories together. What I wanted was to create a 1 repository with a number of sharable assets (images, language files, 3rd party libraries, shared code) and … Continue reading 

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Kobe – Oh Dear Lord Why?!

Update Microsoft has kindly decided to remove the download and fix the issues before re-releasing it. Additionally, there’s a good dialog going on, mostly on twitter, but also on Phil Haack’s blog. Ayende also posted 7 or so posts about … Continue reading 

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Don’t be afraid of complex constraints

The nice thing about mocking frameworks is that they let you test the interaction of your units painlessly. For example, given the following code: public class UserRepository { private readonly IDataStore _store; public UserRepository(IDataStore store) { _store = store; } … Continue reading 

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