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Adding Syntactic Sugar to the Spark View Engine

Today I vowed to learn the Spark View Engine. While I don’t hate ASP.NET’s MVC WebForm View Engine, its clearly outclassed by the other MVC stacks. So, given my views (hahaha) on the matter and with a wonderful greenfield project … Continue reading 

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Testing Protected Methods is Easy

We all know that you shouldn’t test private methods, but the same can’t be said about protected methods. Look at this slightly modified version of the UserBinder from the CodeBetter.Canvas project: public abstract class ModelBinder<T> : IModelBinder where T : … Continue reading 

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ASP.NET disk-based caching

I was recently playing with the idea of implementing disk-base caching for pages that had a high read-to-write ratio. On top of being practically read-only, these pages also require quite of bit of database work to put together, so they … Continue reading 

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Foundations Of Programming – Small Update

I’ve updated the Foundations of Programming license to a Share-Alike (as opposed to a no derivatives) license. As always, you can download it from: OR Additionally, I’ve released the raw docx file (under the same license):

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