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Eschewing Date Types in our Database

About a month ago, I found myself transforming data for the reporting portion of our application. Like many reporting systems, ours works off of date ranges, with statistics grouped together by the day (and a few by the hour). An … Continue reading 

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Postgresql – Day 2

My migration from SQL Server to PostgreSQL for an upcoming project continues. On day 1 I managed to get the application up and running quickly, thanks to NHibernate. Ayende was kind enough to post some advice to minimize the already-few … Continue reading 

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Migrating to Postgresql with my friend NHibernate

Last night I decided to accelerate our plan to migrate from SQL Server to PostgreSQL and gave it a quick attempt to see what the work involved was. I was hoping that due to our usage of NHibernate, and by … Continue reading 

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Time for a New Computer

A couple weeks ago I bought a new computer. While my existing computer still had a lot of life in it, I was eager to laverage the power of the solid state drives (SSD) – specifically Intel’s 2nd generation X25. … Continue reading 

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